Back to School GRAB BAGS!

$79.99 $14.99

Brand DaniRae
Now is the time to seriously stock up! These items listed in our Grab bag have been some of our top selling, greatest reorder, or basic staples that everyone love! What you can expect: 3 Items that are hand picked by us for you. These items can include: Ruffle Tops, Basic tops, Tunics, Sweaters, Cardigans, Maxi Dresses, Tank Tops, Knot Shirts and Skirts!
We know you will just love our selections. We have high quality products and fabrics.

Some but not all items are pictured. We have hundreds of items to offer. Items are selected at random and we can not guarantee an individual have any specific items. 

Due to the nature of the grab bags, returns are not accepted. Thank you for understanding.